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Spa in Banja village

Spa In this spa there are several thermomineral springs of 37°C  temperature and 70 liters per second capacity. Spa is due to climate factors the combination of hydrotherapy, an ideal place with a preventive effects especially for healthy people and athletes. The air in the Spa is very clean and filled with fresh aromatic fragrance of pine trees and blooming linden. This is important because it is known that the proximity of the forest soothing to the man. Spa offers to the visitors the opportunity to enjoy in beautiful Panorama Lim valley.
Treatments are performed at the Rehabilitation Center “Pribojska Banja” clinic using modern treatment and rehabilitation methods.
Diseases treated at Banja are:
- chronic inflammation of joints and muscles of rheumatic origin
- neuralgias
- periphery nerves inflammations (sciatica)
- polyneuritis
- gynecologic diseases
- bones and muscles injuries consequences
- skin diseases (acceleration of wound healing and changes on skin occurred as a consequence of diabetes and weaken periphery circulation)
- functional diseases and postoperative conditions of digestion tract.