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Monastery St. Nicholas

St.NicholasSt. Nicholas in Banja is one of the most significant monasteries in medieval Serbia. It was built in the centar of Dabar in the second half of the XII century. St. Sava established there one of the first six episcopates of the autochefal Serbian church. For the first episcope he named his pupil from Chilander, Episcope Christopher. The monestery was burnt down at the time of army attack by Kumans. Later it was restored and decorated with frescoes commissoned by King Stefan on Dechani. The monastery was burnt down and then restored several times.
The last time it was destroyed after Uprising in 1875. The final restoration was completed in 1905 and it has its authentic look today. In 1974 the treasury was discovered in that area. It is one of the most preserved and most completed treasures of the Middle Ages in the Balkans. There are three outstanding churches within the monastery such as the church of St. Nicholas, of St. Eliah and the Church of Ascention of the Holy Virgin. This can be also seen in the Patriarchate of Pec. The monastery of St. Nicholas was not only the centre of the episcopate but the mausoleum of the great family of Vojinovic whose palaces are not far away from Banja.